Tantric massage

Sacred knowledge of magical power, of the male and female energies reunion in a single entity was known even to the ancient philosophers. Their spiritual practices were the basis for the new massage practice, called tantric. It is focused on the release of consciousness and achieving harmony between the mental and the physical level. Tantric massage is not just giving pleasure hands sliding. It is somehow a meditation through awakening of primordial vital power, the maximum concentration of which is achieved in a moment of yin-yang merge. As a conductor of a peculiar body meditation act a seductive maid. She puts a sensual exciting trap in an invisible body maze and is ready to get you through it on the only possible way – the way of pleasure. Like a thousand cold needles with gold threads pierce a heated neck and shoulders, back and chest, temple and feet, penetrating the illusory world of forbidden desires and freeing from the conventions and taboo. To the knowledge of the mystery of the beginning of Nature can touch only those who is ready to be free and completely forget about the rules and constraints.

90 minutes - 3000 Kč


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