Relax massage

Relaxing massage that put you in a light sleep is one of the most effective relaxing practice. In an absolute relax condition reduce the muscle tone and the appearance of symptoms of psychosomatic disorders. Aimed at eliminating the consequences of mild physical and mental stress, this massage is making with a special care. The general condition of the guest is under constant supervision of captivating masseuse and any slightest tinge reaction caused by this or that touch will not escape. A dream degree depends on an intensity of a contact degree and experienced girl is capable to hold your consciousness in a boundary condition, avoiding the deep sleep phase. Relaxation light sleep caused by subtle movement of the fingers is achieved by massaging certain points on the feet and in the temple area. As a pleasant relaxing supplement to such massage could be essential oils that have soothing and hypnotic properties. Extracts of lavender and mint, rosemary and orange tree are especially effective to achieve a light sleep condition. After the massage with these essential oils, you feel reborn: fully restored physically and mentally.


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