Erotic massage with different oils applying

Impressions of an unforgettable erotic massage created by a large scale of sensual touches with the oil applying. Thanks to it, it is easy to achieve a touch lightness, exciting sliding, softness and smoothness of movements , as well as reinforcing of an the erotic impulse, pleasant intoxication and exhilarating fragrance. Our charming and sophisticated masseuses by having different effects of essential oils in warm hands transform it into a powerful weapon, the purpose of which is to give you the maximum pleasure and enjoy from erotic massage. Impact of oil extracts vary: while clary sage leads to complete relaxation, the effect of patchouli oil sharpens the perception of everyone, even the lightest touch reinforce the desire that pervades the whole body. During erotic massage could be used several essential oils, that can be combined with each other. This leads to more subtle and vivid sensations, making erotic massage like walking on a razor’s edge. Nutmeg and cedar oil, jasmine and sandalwood and many other aphrodisiacs incite passion and give an incomparable pleasure.


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