Casanova massage for passionate men

Sometimes it is crucial to relax, forget about everyday issues and feel new exciting emotions. In our salon, you may try exceptional massage service that is called Casanova. You will enjoy very sensual and stimulating massage in the performance of three attractive girls.

You may pick Jacuzzi or shower to reach the highest level of satisfaction and pleasure. The ladies are experienced concubines and know well how to give a man what he really needs. They will caress and massage each part of your heated body. You will be close enough to them to sense their soft and wet skin and give them your weasels in return.

Casanova massage is an excellent combination of tender and gentle moves with domination and submission elements. With these ladies, you will feel your power and uncover your hidden animal instincts. So, come to our salon in Prague and pick this massage to bring yourself a memorable present.

1 hour - 3500 Kč
90 minutes - 4800 Kč
2 hours - 6500 Kč


+420 727 855 109

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