Treating your senses to a fantastic Body to body massage at Relax Massage is the perfect way to have a personal and in-depth exploration of one’s own body with the helping hand, and body, of one of our professional masseurs.

Whilst the mind is an integral part of any experience, our bodyslide massage focuses on enhancing the body’s natural feelings. Our experienced masseurs use a wide range of sensual and warming oils to enhance and intensify the experience. Let your mind, soul and body be relaxed, rejuvenated and re-evaluated with a bodyslide massage. The journey you undertake with RelaxPoint66 will be like no other you have experienced before and is one you will want to do again and again.

„Missing out on the experience, sensations and appeal of our Body to body massage is something you will deeply regret.“

Body to body massage begins with an assisted soapy shower, after which our masseuse will lead you to the massage bed. Sliding her stunning, perfectly proportionate body against yours, with both of you naked, there is nothing in the way of your arousal and sensual pleasure, sending waves of bliss through all your being. Body to body massage is a full body contact massage throughout. Making graceful, teasing and highly arousing up and down movements of her body against yours.

What is great about this particular RelaxPoint66 Body to body massage is that it gives an intense contact with a more advanced massage encounter. You won’t find a more physical body to body treat anywhere else in Prague.
There’s no better way to distress your mind and reinvigorate your body and soul than with a Body to body massage with Relax Massage.



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